Why Flexabed is the Best Choice for Adjustable Beds

The Best Adjustable Beds on the Market

If you’re in the market for an adjustable bed, there’s really no better choice than a Flexabed, and here’s why. The ultimate in customizable comfort, our products at Flexabed offer the myriad benefits that come from a great night’s sleep and so much more. Flexabed has a rich history, with 50 years in the industry– that means 50 years of growing, 50 years of innovation, and 50 years of quality products that make a difference in quality of sleep and quality of life for so many customers.


When is a bed more than just a bed? Certainly, it transcends being a mere comfortable place to fall asleep if you can operate it with a remote control like your TV, command it to give you a relaxing massage, and offer a nightlight.

These features and others come with some of our Flexabed Adjustable Bed products. You can customize your bed so it offers the amenities you want and fits the configuration you most desire.


adjustable bed instead of a recliner
Tina Fey’s TV commercial enjoying an adjustable bed while promoting “Pay It Plan It” from American Express.

Perhaps you’ve seen the American Express commercial on TV in which actress & comedian Tina Fey overhears two other women discussing how pricy their ideal mattress is. She inserts herself into their conversation, loudly saying “Hi!” and tells them that they can’t skimp on a mattress decision because that’s where they will spend half their life and “eat all your meals.”

It’s funny because, yes, a lot of us do spend a considerable amount of our time at home either lying in bed or resting on a piece of furniture like a recliner. For many people, hanging out in a living room may be a thing of the past as fewer people host guests these days randomly stopping by to socialize (isn’t that what social media is for?).

While Tina Fey comes across as self-deprecating in the TV commercial for telling these strangers that she eats in bed, the traditional dining room table may not be all that practical either if the only purpose it gets used for is storing papers and mail that needs sorting. 


One of the great challenges for couples when one partner becomes injured or ill is remaining able to sleep side-by-side. When you’ve possibly spent decades with your best friend and life partner next to you every night, the absence of that person stands out like a sore thumb and makes it difficult to get a good night’s rest. In hospitals, a husband or wife may sleep in a recliner next to their spouse as a sign of support for the patient being treated and because it’s nearly impossible to sleep well with your “other half” removed. Once the healing begins at home, the physician may recommend a Flexabed adjustable bed.


Adjustable Beds Atlanta

Flexabed is proud to manufacture our adjustable bed products in LaFayette, Georgia (population 7,121). We employ Walker County residents from several cities and towns, pouring our experience and craftsmanship into every item we ship from the factory.

Nearly 50 Years of Making the Best Adjustable Beds

In 2019, we’ll mark a half-century of helping people adjust their bedding to optimize comfort and reduce strain on the body’s pressure points so Flexabed owners can enjoy a more restful, relaxing sleep.

We’ve sold a lot of beds since 1969, building an enduring reputation for quality and responsive customer service. Indeed, we put small-town values of work, faith, responsibility, and family into all of our efforts.

We thank our customers for the opportunity to work hard, producing something we can believe in while continuing to improve as new innovations come to the adjustable bed marketplace. From new features added to our adjustable beds to the ability to customize your Flexabed order on this website, we stay on top of trends and technology to remain competitive. We know you have a choice of which adjustable bed to buy, and we want to give you every reason to choose Flexabed first!

Georgia-Based Product Support

adjustable beds from GeorgiaWe always want to do our best to make sure that when one of our motorized beds leaves the factory floor in LaFayette, we’re sending it off to a long life with no problems. If you should ever have a question or need help though, our office is staffed with friendly people eager to get you solutions by phone, email, or a message left on this website.

We know that with some purchases these days, you may end up with an instruction manual that reads like English was the author’s second or third language or find yourself talking to someone in a faraway exotic land. Under most circumstances, that would be fun and exciting, but when you’re seeking out help, not so much. We may have Southern accents, but we understand our customers very well and approach every conversation as though you are our friends and neighbors. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find products still manufactured in America, but nothing is lost in translation when you contact our office.

Should your bed ever require service, simply call us at 800-648-1256 and we will resolve your problem promptly.

While we may source some components used in making our adjustable beds from other places, you’ll find good people hard at work here in LaFayette, GA welding metal, assembling parts, sewing and stitching materials, packaging and shipping the products, etc.

We also offer support to our network of authorized Flexabed dealers across the United States, working to make sure that THEIR questions are answered so they can adequately inform customers about the benefits of owning a Flexabed, including our industry-leading warranty covering each and every component and design feature we make. 

For those who want to research an adjustable bed before buying, we offer this website and our downloadable Product Guide to give you all the facts you need to know to own one, plus the ability to search for an authorized Flexabed dealer with a display of our product within a 500-mile radius of your home. We can also help you to find additional dealers who can order our product.

Adjustable Beds Atlanta

Our family-owned business and all of the people we employ thank our customers from the bottom of our hearts for choosing to invest in Flexabed. We do everything we can to offer the lowest price best value adjustable beds on the market. If someone does offer a cheaper product, we encourage shoppers to compare features, warranties and consider the customer service offered.

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luxury full adjustable beddingThe Premier: Your Luxury Adjustable Bedding Option

When you consider that the average person spends a full third of his or her life in bed asleep, buying a full size electric bed makes for a pretty smart investment.

For those who can appreciate the very best, Flexabed offers the Premier Full Adjustable Bed. It comes to you with hundreds of configurations designed and built into each one we make for a top-of-the-line experience.

All of our adjustable beds offer a great night’s sleep and the flexibility to control where your body’s pressure points are supported. What really makes the Premier stand out is the lifetime, limited warranty, along with more options in bed sizes and mattress construction.

The Dilemma: How to Choose the Best Adjustable Bed
best adjustable bedIf you’re in the market for an adjustable bed, how can you possibly know the best choice for the money with so many brands out there all stating theirs is the best adjustable bed? We presume that if you’re researching adjustable bed brands on the market, you’ve already considered all of the pros and cons of an adjustable bed for yourself or a loved one. That’s where most people start on the journey to transition from a conventional flat mattress to a motorized bed.

In this month’s blog, we offer some suggestions for the weary shopper eager to find the best deal and begin the journey to a better night’s sleep. 


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