Flexabed Adjustable Beds for the Best Night’s Sleep

Adjustments to Accommodate Changing Sleep Needs

As we age and our bodies grow and change, we must made changes in our bedding to accommodate, and achieve the best possible sleep for our specific needs. Flexabed adjustable beds can really help achieve this.

Sleep is something we all need. However, depending on our age, physical abilities, and various other factors, the amount of sleep we need can vary. Not only that, but the ways in which we achieve quality sleep can also vary greatly based on our height, weight, age and overall physical condition. As there are so many aspects that can affect our individual sleep needs, we must adjust our sleep environments over time. Below are some ways that we change with age, and ideas about how to modify the bedroom to accommodate these changes.

Growing Up

Your first bed was likely a crib. It would be silly to continue sleeping in a crib as a teen or adult, wouldn’t it? It just makes sense that as your height changes, you must re-evaluate mattress sizes. This is how you find the one best suited for your current situation. Height isn’t the only change that can necessitate a change in mattress size either. It is true that as you grow taller, you must choose a longer mattress in order to sleep comfortably. It is also true that as you transition to sleeping in bed with another person, you may need some added width. Adopting a dog? You might want some extra room for Fido as well. Many phases of your life will require you to take a look at the mattress you sleep on, and determine whether or not it still meets your needs.

Finding the Support You Need

Body weight can impact your sleep product needs. It can influence the type of bed you choose, the firmness you select, and the life of the mattress as well. During pregnancy, for example, you might prefer a softer mattress with conforming or cradling properties. You might choose a memory foam option in soft. Weight gain over time might call for a firmer mattress that provides extra support, keeping your back aligned better. A good option may be a hybrid mattress with memory foam on top and an innerspring foundation for maximum support.

Getting into a Comfortable Position

Adjustable beds offer positioning options geared to assist people as their sleep needs change. Many people find getting into a good, comfortable position reduces pressure points and alleviates back pain. Specific features of an adjustable bed can work to impart comfort in different ways. Massage can soothe tired muscles. Elevating the head or feet may benefit those suffering from injuries or illness. The aspects of an adjustable bed that are most valuable are often contingent on the age and physical health of the user.

Growing Older

Issues that seniors face do play a part in how sleep needs change over time. Muscle weakness can make it more and more difficult to get into bed. Vision problems may make getting up in the night more dangerous when it comes to potential falls. There are several ways that you can adapt a bedroom to satisfy the unique needs of seniors. First, install stability bars and rails throughout the room and along the bedside. Second, use voice commanded lighting or strategically-placed nightlights along paths to the door or restroom. Using an adjustable bed such as the Flexabed can help as well. With the Hi-Low feature, the bed can lower enough so that getting into bed is less physically demanding.

luxury alternative to a hospital bed, the Flexabed Hi-Low adjustable bed accommodates for changing sleep needs.

Sleep needs change. That’s a generally accepted fact. As a toddler, you needed 11-14 hours sleep every day. As an adult, you can thrive on as little as seven. How much sleep you need is only part of the equation. Sleep quality is important, too. Transforming your sleep environment doesn’t have to happen all of the time, but it will happen at several points during your lifetime. Not all sleep issues will be solved with bedroom adaptations. Sleep problems can be serious, so consult a doctor if you are concerned about your personal sleep patterns; however, if you feel that your sleep posture suffers because your current bed is too small or doesn’t adequately accommodate your changing body, make adjustments accordingly. A small change might be all you need to achieve your best night’s sleep!

Written by Jesse Crow, Owner of Rest Right Mattress

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