Premier Full Adjustable Bed


Premier Adjustable Bed

With unparalleled comfort and convenience, the Premier is one of our best adjustable beds. With hundreds of configurations available and a beautiful, modern design, the Premier is a luxurious solution for your unique sleep needs.


Hi-Low SL Adjustable Bed

The Hi-Low SL is our best seller, and it’s no surprise why. It can be raised or lowered with the touch of a button, allowing easier access for sleepers and caregivers alike. With countless configurations, including a split-king option for partners with different sleep needs, the Hi-Low SL provides optimal comfort with ultimate adjustability.


Value Flex Adjustable Bed

Experience the benefits of an adjustable bed at a fraction of the cost with the Value Flex. The Value Flex is our most affordable adjustable bed frame, hand-built to your specifications to provide comfort at a price you’ll love.




Elevate your Flexabed experience with our collection of accessories. We offer remote controls for simpler adjustability, side rails for security, low-height bed frames, and more.

Flexabed Mattresses



Our mattresses are custom-made by hand and pair perfectly with our Flexabed adjustable beds. Whether you prefer a softer or harder mattress, have back pain, or need a split king mattress to sleep comfortably with your partner, we have the mattress solution for you.

Flexabed Product Comparison


Product Comparison

Each Flexabed adjustable bed is hand-made with the utmost care and consideration of our customers’ needs. Need help deciding which Flexabed adjustable bed is the perfect fit? Check out our product comparison chart for the unique specifications of each bed and determine which one is right for you.

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