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The quality of sleep a bed provides is only as good as the base it rests on. And every adjustable bed owner should be fortunate enough to own a solid and dependable Flexabed base manufactured using high-grade welded-steel frames. Our team of expert craftsmen hand-builds each Flexabed adjustable bed base in LaFayette, Georgia, using the same principles of care and consideration we’ve built our reputation on since 1969.

We stand behind our product with a transferable, industry-leading warranty covering the entire base, including motors. Our hands-off service policy allows customers to call our factory directly with questions about warranties or services. We have the capacity to quickly ship any size order — whether you need a single base or you wish to purchase a truckload at a volume discount.

Furthermore, Flexabed bases have been fire tested under worst-case scenarios, and we have an opinion letter from the CPSC stating that our bases can be used with any 16 CFR Part 1633 compliant mattress. This letter will be forwarded to you for your 16 CFR Part 1633 file.

Now, more than ever, a Flexabed base is your answer to the perfect night’s sleep.



FAQs About Our Adjustable Bed Bases

What bed bases are available In twin, full, and queen sizes? Adjustable bed bases for the Premier, Value, and Hi-Low beds match these sizes.

Is a one-piece king-size bed base possible with any of the beds? Yes, but it is only available with the Premier model.

What are these adjustable bed bases made from? Frames made of high-quality welded steel are used to construct Flexabed bases.

Where are Flexabed bases manufactured? Our expert craftsmen hand-make each Flexabed adjustable bed base in LaFayette, Georgia.

Do these beds have any certifications that are shared with buyers? The CPSC has issued an opinion letter stating that our bases can be used with any 16 CFR Part 1633-compliant mattress. You will receive this letter with your 16 CFR Part 1633 file.

Are the remotes for these bed bases wireless? You can choose between a wireless or a wired remote on all except the Value-Flex base, which does not support wireless remotes or dual-time massage.

Can a headboard be attached to all these frames? A headboard cannot be attached to the frame of the Hi-Low model.

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Every Flexabed base comes with:

  • Your choice of welded frame adjustable bed base only, frame and whisper-quiet motors, frame with motors and platform or fully finished and upholstered platform using your fabric for volume orders or our standard foundation fabric
  • Your choice of one-touch wireless or wired remote*
  • Optional dual-timed massage*
  • A telescoping carton that accepts mattresses other than Flexabed’s
  • A 6-inch foundation profile, high-density, heavy-duty padded base made with Advantech® material that will not warp, break or squeak. The Premier must be ordered with a 4-inch foundation profile if you plan to add side rails.
  • Headboard brackets
  • A mattress retainer cover
  • Optional side rails

* Wireless remote and dual times massage are unavailable on the Value-Flex base.


Full Specifications

Adjustable bed bases are available for the Premier, Value, and Hi-Low beds in twin, full, and queen sizes.

Upholstered Premier and Value Flexabed Bases:

  • Height (Standard): 13.5 inches
  • Height (without casters): 11.25 inches
  • Height (optional leg extensions): can be raised in 1 inch increments from 2 to 7 inches

The Premier model is the only model available in a one-piece king size. The Hi-Low is the only model that cannot have a headboard connected to the frame.

Upholstered Hi-Low Flexabed Bases:

  • Height (Standard): 17 inches
  • Height (without casters): 14.75 inches
Premier Adjustable Bed
Adjustable Bed Base Only
Adjustable Bed Base Only
Value Flex

What They’re Saying

  • I am the user, 65, with Multiple Sclerosis. The bed is easy to use and works perfectly. The price and installation were exactly what I needed. The perfect tool for disabled folks.

    Lela C. from Tigard, OR

  • A great buy. Bought for my 83-year-old mother and she is very pleased with this bed. It is easy for her to get into and is very comfortable for her. It is easy to move around because of the wheels and easy for my mom to work the controls.

    Gail P. from Phelan, CA

  • I am 65-year-old caregiver. I needed a good night’s rest, and the adjustable bed has done that for me. I would never go back to a regular bed. The Flexabed Value Flex is a good deal for the money. I love the head and leg adjustments for reading and watching TV.

    Gary D. from Brooklyn Park, MN

  • I love this bed. It seems to be everything I need.

    Christine E., NC

  • My doctor told me to look into the Flexabed Premier Adjustable Bed to get a good night’s sleep. Easy to use.

    Elaine D., Dysart, IA

  • This bed is so comfortable and easy to use. My husband is able to sit up when he needs to without disturbing me.

    Lee Anne C., Casper, WY

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