A Split Queen Adjustable Bed Could Be What You Need

When a partner is injured it can be a challenge to be able to still sleep side by side. With decades of shared nights with your best friend, the absence can stand out like a sore thumb. That change can be lonely and make it difficult to get good rest at night.  At the hospital, staff members will take care of patients with all the necessary resources and amenities, but spouses are left sleeping in recliners next to them. Many times it’s nearly impossible for anyone else to be able to rest well in these situations.  However, once the loved one is back home, Flexabed split queen adjustable beds can assist couples looking to stay sleeping together while one recovers!

A Split Queen Adjustable Bed Offers Couples A Solution That Is Both Comfortable And Functional

A husband and wife talking on a split queen adjustable bed.

“Customers are thrilled to hear they have a split adjustable bed option because it gives them the ability to continue sleeping next to their partner,” said Zane Lewis, President of New Leaf Home Medical in Allen, Texas.

“Roughly half of the customers who call us about getting an adjustable bed to meet the needs of a partner or spouse end up ordering the split king or split queen. These are customers in their 50s or 60s on up into their 80s who, for obvious reasons, would like to continue sharing a bed with their loved ones.

Just the other day, we had a 90-year-old woman whose husband had a stroke and called about an adjustable bed for him. Those are happy moments when we can help someone continue sharing the bed with their partner of more than 70 years,” Lewis added.

NewLeaf typically receives calls from customers looking for hospital beds for the home or alternatives to medical beds.

“A hospital bed is typically 54-inches wide,” Lewis said. “Some consider putting two hospital beds side-by-side, which isn’t always practical and doesn’t look good. Flexabed solved that need by providing the capability to function a lot like a hospital bed without looking like one. The safety rails provide some support on the side of the bed for the person with the medical need while the rails on the side of the healthy partner can be folded away.”

Stay With Your Loved One on a Flexabed Split Queen Adjustable Bed

Our split queen adjustable beds are a better option for those with mobility issues seeing as they can easily integrate into your home environment, unlike hospital-grade equipment. With the two separate mattresses creating one split queen adjustable bed, couples can sleep separately while still feeling close enough to not feel lonely at night. Flexabed split queen adjustable beds allow you and/or your loved one to continue using it as normal once healing has occurred. There is no need to switch back once the recovering person has fully recuperated from their injuries!

The Flexabed Split Queen Adjustable Bed is a Great Choice Even if You’re in Good Health

With a Flexabed split queen adjustable bed, one person can sleep while another is sitting up eating or reclined watching TV without being disturbed. The two separate mattresses make it so you don’t feel your partner moving in the middle of the night, and the bed adjustments are made by motors that produce hardly any sound so as to not wake up a partner sleeping in it. These beds have also been designed using durable Advantech® material, which ensures long-lasting quality for any couple’s needs.

To learn more about Flexabed’s split-queen adjustable bed frames and how they can enhance life for couples in need, call our friendly and helpful staff at 800-648-1256 or leave a message here.

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