A Split Queen Adjustable Bed Could Be What You Need

When a partner is injured it can be a challenge to be able to still sleep side by side. With decades of shared nights with your best friend, the absence can stand out like a sore thumb. That change can be lonely and make it difficult to get good rest at night.  At the hospital, staff members will take care of patients with all the necessary resources and amenities, but spouses are left sleeping in recliners next to them. Many times it’s nearly impossible for anyone else to be able to rest well in these situations.  However, once the loved one is back home, Flexabed split queen adjustable beds can assist couples looking to stay sleeping together while one recovers!


One of the great challenges for couples when one partner becomes injured or ill is remaining able to sleep side-by-side. When you’ve possibly spent decades with your best friend and life partner next to you every night, the absence of that person stands out like a sore thumb and makes it difficult to get a good night’s rest.

In hospitals, a husband or wife may sleep in a recliner next to their spouse as a sign of support for the patient being treated and because it’s nearly impossible to sleep well with your “other half” removed. Once the healing begins at home, the physician may recommend a Flexabed adjustable bed.


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