Flexabed– Perfect Beds for the Elderly at Home

Flexabed– Perfect Beds for the Elderly at Home

So what’s in a bed? A lot, actually. Your bed is your haven. A place where you rest at night, nap when you need it, recuperate from illness or injury, or recover from surgery. At Flexabed, we believe that your bed should be perfectly suited for you, tailored to meet your unique sleep needs, and ultimately improve your quality of life.

We also understand that as we age, our needs evolve. We may not get around as easily as we once did, or it may be difficult to get into and out of a bed that is stationary. That’s where our Flexabed Hi Low SL comes in, serving up all the best features that make it the ideal bed for the elderly at home.

If you’re in a position to require a hospital bed at home, or you have a loved one who is, you’re likely looking for the best possible option– one that will be comfortable, adjustable, accessible, and easy to use. Our Hi Low SL bed is a perfect choice for older sleepers, people with mobility issues, and really just anyone who appreciates customization and convenience. This bed is teeming with features that render it the ideal luxury alternative to a hospital bed for home.

A Little More about the Hi Low SL

Whether the bed is for you or for a loved one, comfort is paramount. With the Hi Low SL, as with our other Flexabed models, you can select the mattress option that makes most sense for you and your preferences. Also, the Hi Low SL is our adjustable bed that offers the most support for those with mobility issues. The base lowers down to the ground to an impressive degree, with just the simple push of a button, and when paired with a low-profile mattress, can get as low as just 16.5” from the ground. This means that getting into and out of bed is easier than ever before.

Flexabed– Perfect Beds for the Elderly at Home

Hi Low SL Features:

  • As mentioned, the simple touch of a button raises and lowers the bed base vertically for incredible accessibility.
  • You can sleep next to your loved one, even if you have different sleep needs, with the split king option.
  • A luxury alternative to hospital beds for home, it’s the ideal bed for those in home health care or assisted living environments.
  • Various mattress options are available to meet differing sleep needs.
  • A Limited Lifetime Warranty ensures the product’s value.

The Comfort They Deserve

For those in hospice care, or receiving care at home, for those who don’t get around as easily as they once did, for those who can benefit from the features of adjustable beds, check out the Flexabed Hi Low SL. This fully customizable, incredibly comfortable bed offers a caliber of accessibility unmatched, and it has the power to both change the way you sleep and the way you live. When it comes to beds for the elderly at home, it doesn’t get better than this.

The Best Hospital Bed for Home with Flexabed

Unlike traditional beds, hospital beds provide a greater level of comfort and support with various features that make them more accessible to people with evolving care needs. If you or someone you love is in need of a hospital bed for home care, our luxury adjustable beds at Flexabed offer a unique and ideal solution, specifically our Hi Low SL adjustable bed. Below we will detail a few reasons why our Flexabed Hi Low SL makes a great asset for anyone looking for the best hospital bed for home.

Electric Motor for Easy Adjustments

One important feature for any hospital bed for home is just how adjustable it actually is. Part of the draw of having a hospital bed for home is being able to quickly and easily adjust the bed to suit your needs. The Flexabed Hi Low SL features a whisper-quiet electric motor and a remote control that makes adjusting the bed simple. Getting comfortable has never been easier!

Extreme Lowering Capability for Ease of Access

Another important feature for any hospital bed for home is its lowering capability. Whether the bed is for a senior who may struggle to get in and out of bed easily or someone with an injury or illness that affects mobility, the ability to lower the bed makes it significantly more accessible for the user. The Flexabed Hi Low SL actually goes lower than any other bed we’ve ever manufactured. When paired with a low profile mattress, this bed can lower to an astonishing 16.5” from the ground, making it incredibly accessible for those who struggle with mobility.

The Best Hospital Bed for Home with FlexabedCompletely Customizable

Just like the rest of the Flexabed line, the Hi Lo SL can be completely customized to suit the user’s unique preferences. There are a slew of add on feature options to expand the functionality of the bed, and myriad ways to make it totally your own.

Luxurious Comfort

Whether you’re a senior or recovering from an injury or illness, comfort is paramount. Feeling comfortable and stress free can play a large role in one’s overall wellbeing, and in recovery as well. When it comes to comfort, Flexabed certainly delivers. With a wide range of mattress options and the customizability previously mentioned, we’re confident that anyone can find their best relaxation and sleep in a Flexabed.

So if you’re looking for a hospital bed for home for yourself or for a loved one, we hope you’ll consider Flexabed as a great option. We’re confident that this bed can greatly improve sleep and overall quality of life for sleepers of all ages and with all types of sleep and personal care needs. Learn more about the Flexabed Hi Low SL on our website, and about our other product offerings as well. Home care has never been easier.

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