5 Ways for Dealers to Effectively Promote Flexabed Adjustable Beds

Many of you have been successful in marketing Flexabed products, and are enjoying the high profits and customer service that we offer our dealers. We appreciate your support and wanted to be sure you knew about all of the marketing resources we offer to enhance your selling efforts of our beds and accessories.

Here are a few tips and tools for promoting Flexabed products:

Point-of-Sale Material

Flexabed offers printed materials like brochures, rack cards, and table tents to enhance your display of our products in your showroom.

If a dealer does not currently have such materials, our helpful staff at Flexabed’s headquarters in LaFayette, Georgia are happy to send them. Simply call our toll-free number at (800) 648-1256 and contact us: https://flexabed.com/contact-us/

Online Dealer Resources: Marketing Tools At Your Fingertips

Flexabed has created an “Online Dealer Resources” section on our website. Dealers can access product photos and videos that can be used in social media, digital and print advertising. You can also download brochures, operation manuals, pricing information, and other helpful tools on this site. The materials are available at: https://flexabed.com/dealer-resources/ dealer password: flexabeddealer

We encourage our dealers to use the Flexabed website, https://flexabed.com/, as a presentation tool. Your customers can see what Flexabed offers, read testimonials from actual users who’ve bought our adjustable beds, download our warranty documentation, subscribe to receive information about the latest products and read about these on our linked social media channels, and so much more.

Social Media: It’s About Creating Opportunities to Sell

Speaking of social media, some of the Flexabed image files in the dealer resource section are optimized for using on dealer Facebook pages. By sharing these photos and information about Flexabed products, you are not only promoting our items but offering their visitors a greater variety of things they may want to invest in after seeing online.

Dealers can greatly amplify messaging beyond what they might achieve by simply displaying POS material and waiting on customers to notice it.

Paying $5 or $10 to occasionally “boost” a post on a Facebook Business page can be well worth it, especially when the advertising tools allow users to customize who sees particular posts. For example, targeting customers who like similar products and live in your city or town.

Some of us struggle with how to word those social media posts. It obviously pays to share testimonials from past happy customers, while highlighting the benefits of purchasing one.

Here are some great examples:

“A great buy. Bought for my 83-year-old mother and she is very pleased with this bed. It is easy for her to get into and is very comfortable for her. It is easy to move around because of the wheels and easy for my mom to work the controls.” -Gail P.

The Premier Full Adjustable Bed provides the comfort and flexibility you need to wake up refreshed and energized after a night’s sleep! #FlexabedMoreThanABed

Perhaps you or a loved one face mobility issues that make a regular bed too challenging to use. You wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at it, but the Hi-Low is a luxury alternative to a hospital bed for use at home. It raises vertically, in addition to the adjustable features. #FlexabedMoreThanABed

Include Flexabed Products in Google Ads

Another great way to create selling opportunities is to use Google Ads. An adjustable bed campaign can precisely target those customers in your city or town who are in the market for what the dealer is offering. This can attract shoppers who might otherwise not be aware of a showroom. Reach people where they are on the devices they are using in the moment when they are researching the exact products you sell.

Include Flexabed in Your Print Advertising

Online advertising tools are highly effective, but many dealers still get great results by running print ads. Older customers may not own or use smartphones and print advertising is a great way to reach these customers.

It Pays to Properly Display and Promote Flexabed Products

We want to give our dealers every competitive advantage we can so they can more easily sell the beds and make a nice profit with low hassle. Our US-based customer support makes it easier for them after the sale is completed, as well. We do this because the success of our dealers reflects our own success.

Call us at (800) 648-1256 to get the complete details on the full package of incentives and promotional tools we offer to our dealers.

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