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COVID-19 Adjustable Bed Use

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In the light of events surrounding the COVID-19 global pandemic, Flexabed is here to help. We want to help in any way possible, and if hospitals and other care facilities are in need of more beds to accommodate more patients, we are confident that our product will fit the bill. We seek to offer our support as medical professionals work tirelessly to care for the sick, and we also hope to help keep those people as comfortable as possible. We believe if ever there was a time for our product to make a difference, that time is now.

Medical Grade Beds:
Our product line provides a perfect alternative to hospital beds, offering all the necessary elements for in-home or in-hospital care. With effortless touch controls, and whisper-quiet motor, our line of adjustable beds can be configured to nearly any specifications necessary for any medical patient. Our newest product, the Hi-Low SL, can actually raise and lower making it easy for older or injured patients to easily be transferred into and out of bed when need be. When paired with our low profile mattress, the Hi-Low SL can actually travel as low as a mere 16.5″ off the ground.

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