Flexabed’s Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Give the Gift of Great Sleep this Holiday Season!

Holiday Gift Guide 2023

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping, and we all have that special someone who’s notoriously hard to buy for. But at Flexabed we believe everyone deserves to sleep soundly and peacefully, so we’ve created a 2023 holiday gift guide of ideas to accompany our Flexabed products that will help your loved one sleep like a baby.

Chamomile tea is on our Flexabed holiday gift guide 2023 for items that help give the gift of great sleep!

1– Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has been used as a natural remedy for ages to help reduce anxiety, inflammation, and even to help treat insomnia. Chamomile is actually regarded as a mild tranquilizer or sleep inducer, and it’s calming effects can be attributed to an antioxidant therein called apigenin. When you’re putting together your gifts for friends and family, consider adding some sleepytime tea to help encourage better sleep. We love Calm™ by Tazo.

2– Sleep Mask

A sleep mask may seem like a simple remedy for better sleep, but it can be highly effective. These sleep masks cover your eyes comfortably blocking out artificial light. Exposure to artificial light can suppress the body’s production of melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone, which can lead to trouble sleeping or sleep that’s not so restful. This intrusive, artificial light can keep you from reaching that state of REM sleep, which your body needs to rest and rejuvenate. The eye mask serves to help realign one’s internal clock with the sunrise and sunset.

There are a lot of eye masks on the market to choose from, but we like the Washable Silk Sleep Mask by Lunya. This super comfortable sleep mask is made of naturally-moisturizing washable silk for easy machine washing, and it can double as a headband while you wash your face before bed at night.

3– Linen Spray

There’s nothing quite like slipping into bed with fresh sheets, especially when they smell amazing! Another great gift on our list that helps promote great sleep is linen spray. Your loved one can freshen up the bed linens with a couple of spritzes of a linen spray with calming essential oils that help with pre-bed relaxation.

We suggest the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from Ulta Beauty. This best-selling product features a blend of natural elements– lavender, camomile, and vetivert– which have aromatherapeutic properties and help to calm the mind and body when it’s time to wind down for bed. This spray can work wonders in reducing anxiety while improving the overall quality of sleep.

Linen sheets are on our holiday gift guide 2023. Linen sheets like these pair perfectly with a Flexabed adjustable bed for a great holiday gift.

4– New Sheet Set

Nothing complements a wonderful Flexabed adjustable bed quite like a brand new set of sheets. Sheets are kind of like cars in that you can go for a Kia or you can go for a Mercedes, and a lot of us land somewhere in the middle. That said, if you’re in the mood to splurge a little on a great gift for someone special, consider a new set of bedsheets that are a little more lux than average.

Linen bedding is all the rage right now, and it’s not difficult to see why that is. Widely considered to be luxurious, linen bed sheets tick the boxes for both aesthetics and comfort. It is practical and durable, yet extremely comfortable. Notorious for its breathability, linen is extremely air permeable and heat conducting. This means, as if by some stroke of magic, it manages to both keep you warm in the winter and cool in the hotter months. Just think how this can contribute to deeper, more comfortable sleep year round!?

Linen is also anti-static, moisture-wicking, and actually repels dirt. What more could you want in a bed sheet set really? We really go nuts for sheet sets from I love linen. Somewhat pricey, but worth every penny.

5– Luxury Pillows

Another great holiday gift to help foster incredible sleep each night is a set of luxury bed pillows. There are few things more irritating, and painful than waking up with a crick in your neck from sleeping in a less-than-ideal position during the night. But mitigating this age-old issue can actually be as simple as finding the right pillow. Consider this Christmas gifting your friend, love, or family member an incredibly comfortable memory foam pillow or two.

We like the Nectar Lush Pillow, made from 100% molded memory foam that’s supportive, conforming, and provides great pressure relief as you sleep. This magical pillow contours to the shape of your head and neck to provide perfectly custom support as you snooze. It’s also made with advanced cooling technology fibers to draw away excessive heat and keep you cool during the night. No waking up sweaty with this pillow! And added bonus– it’s machine washable for ultimate convenience.

6– Fancy PJs

A popular holiday gift, pajamas can actually serve a great purpose. Not only do the right pajamas ensure optimal comfort while you dream, but also there’s a mental aspect that comes into play here too. Bedtime routines matter, and our brains create associations as we work through these routines leading up to bedtime. In that same vein, having clothing specifically intended for sleep is something that helps to subconsciously prepare you for bed.

Everyone has their preferences as far as sleepwear is concerned, but we assert that new pajamas make a great holiday gift for the person in your life who could benefit from better sleep. When you shop, just consider fabric and silhouette choices that would most appeal to the recipient of the gift.

7– A Flexabed

If your loved one doesn’t already benefit from owning a luxury adjustable bed from Flexabed, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to change his or her life with the ultimate gift of great sleep! Our incredible products are fully customizable to suit any person’s unique sleep needs and preferences. Learn more about our products, compare our bed models, and create the perfect sleep scenario for the people you love the most this Christmas.

We hope our holiday gift guide 2023 has given you a little shopping inspiration and some ideas that help you give the gift of great sleep this holiday season! Happiest holidays, and the sweetest dreams, from all of us at Flexabed.

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