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Split California King Adjustable Bed

If you are a taller sleeper, or just want a little more room, the split California king adjustable bed offers an adaptable sleeping solution tailored to your needs. By integrating two individual twin adjustable bases with four more inches of length than a standard king-sized mattress (38”x84″), this oversized hybrid is designed to provide additional space. However, Flexabed split California king adjustable beds provide numerous possible benefits beyond the added real estate.

Save on Sleep with Independent Movement

If your partner’s restlessness has been keeping you up at night, then it’s time to consider a split California king mattress. Unlike traditional California King mattresses, the split offers independent controls for each side so that you can adjust your side of the bed however you prefer. No more waking up to their tossing and turning. In addition, independently controlled split California king adjustable beds give each partner the chance to adjust head angles as well. One person can sleep flat on their back while their partner keeps their head slightly elevated for reading, watching television, or working late.

Hi-Low SL in Split California King Sizes

A Hi-Low SL split California king adjustable bed is a great option for those who desire a higher level of comfort and support from their longer bed. Hi-Lows are expertly designed to provide adjustable heights that make it easier for one partner to transition the other in and out of bed. As a result, this model can be an invaluable asset to a husband or wife whose primary caregiver is their partner right next to them. Not only do Hi-Low SL models provide additional support, but they are also luxuriously comfortable, making it possible for each individual to enjoy a restful night’s sleep while their spouse receives the support they deserve.

Premier Flexabeds in Split California King Sizes

Our Premier split California king adjustable beds craft a luxurious sleeping area without sacrificing aesthetic beauty. Advantech® material ensures these bed frames are durable, warp-resistant, and silent; providing the perfect support for the mattress and its foot retainer. Topped with a special tack and jump pattern sporting designer-taped edges and a suede border, this model creates a strong visual impact and superior comfort for taller individuals. With the help of locking canisters concealed by a cover, the mattress remains secure even when adjusting the bed’s position to your own personal preferences.

The Best Rest with a Variety of Features

Investing in a split California king adjustable bed with the perfect blend of features could provide major rest for taller sleepers. Reliable convenience is provided by ergonomic one-touch wireless or wired controls that can operate whisper-quiet motors. Possible mattress constructions, including low profile, gel-infused memory foam, memory foam, latex, or a combination of innerspring and memory foam, offer different levels of support from soft to firm. To top it all off, Flexabeds are backed by limited lifetime warranties for your peace of mind. If you are a taller individual looking for relief and support, or care for one, know that Flexabed’s split California king adjustable beds are an excellent solution.

FAQs About Split California King Adjustable Beds

What is a split California king-sized adjustable bed? A split California king-sized adjustable bed measures 72 inches wide and 84 inches long and can be split into two separate beds with independently adjustable bases for each side.

How does a split California king-sized adjustable bed work? A split California king-sized adjustable bed works by using an electric motor to adjust the position of the mattress and the base. The user can adjust the head and foot sections of each side of the bed independently to find the most comfortable position.

What are some possible benefits of a split California king-sized adjustable bed? Some of the possible benefits of a split California king-sized adjustable bed include personalized comfort for each sleeper, reduced snoring, improved circulation, and relief from back and joint pain.

Can split California king-sized adjustable beds be used with any mattress? No, split California king-sized adjustable beds are designed to work with mattresses specifically made for adjustable beds like those we offer here at Flexabed.

Where can I buy a split California king-sized adjustable bed? Split California king-sized adjustable beds are available for purchase here at Flexabed! Call us at 800-648-1256 or request a quote below.


What They’re Saying

  • I am the user, 65, with Multiple Sclerosis. The bed is easy to use and works perfectly. The price and installation were exactly what I needed. The perfect tool for disabled folks.

    Lela C. from Tigard, OR

  • A great buy. Bought for my 83-year-old mother and she is very pleased with this bed. It is easy for her to get into and is very comfortable for her. It is easy to move around because of the wheels and easy for my mom to work the controls.

    Gail P. from Phelan, CA

  • I am 65-year-old caregiver. I needed a good night’s rest, and the adjustable bed has done that for me. I would never go back to a regular bed. The Flexabed Value Flex is a good deal for the money. I love the head and leg adjustments for reading and watching TV.

    Gary D. from Brooklyn Park, MN

  • I love this bed. It seems to be everything I need.

    Christine E., NC

  • My doctor told me to look into the Flexabed Premier Adjustable Bed to get a good night’s sleep. Easy to use.

    Elaine D., Dysart, IA

  • This bed is so comfortable and easy to use. My husband is able to sit up when he needs to without disturbing me.

    Lee Anne C., Casper, WY

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