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Adjustable Queen Beds

Adjustable queen beds are available from Flexabed!

Flexabed offers adjustable queen bed sizes with our Hi Lo, Value, and Premier products. Adjustable queen beds are the most commonly purchased mattresses. They’re a comfortable size for couples and fit well in almost all bedrooms. Adjustable queen beds also have the added benefit of a huge style selection when it comes to bedding sets, bedroom furniture, and bed accessories.

Adjustable queen beds’ features include:

  • 60” wide, 80” long, and 4,800 square inches total.
  • Perfect for couples without children or pets sharing the bed.
  • Easier to move and place than larger king-sized beds.

Be sure to consider every factor when looking into Flexabeds. You need to be sure you’re choosing the right size, comfort preferences, and price for your family. What is the size of the room? How many people (and pets) might be sharing the space

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Our Flexabed family is here to help you find the perfect mattress for your needs. Take your time browsing our mattresses and please contact us with any questions. When you have found the perfect bed for you, click here to purchase locally or click here to purchase online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Queen Beds

  • Are these among your best sellers? Yes, adjustable queen beds are the most commonly purchased mattresses.
  • Are there any add-ons available for these beds? Adjustable queen beds have the added benefit of a considerable style selection when it comes to bedding sets, bedroom furniture, and bed accessories.
  • Are queen-sized beds better than king-sized beds in any way? They are easier to move and place than larger king-sized beds.
  • What products can have adjustable queen bed sizes? Hi Lo, Value and Premier products can be equipped with adjustable queen beds.
  • What type of customer buys adjustable queen beds? Couples find a queen-sized bed to be a comfortable size that fits well in almost all bedrooms. 
  • What are the measurements for adjustable queen beds? Adjustable queen beds are 60” wide, 80” long, and 4,800 square inches total.
  • When my spouse and I are watching tv, can I use the adjustable queen bed’s wireless remote control? For turning off and on the tv, no. For adjusting your head while you watch, yes!
  • Can I opt out of the massage functions? Yes, the massage features are add-ons and are not required as part of the purchase.
  • If the head elevation is raised, does it become an anti-snore method? Lifting the head portion of the adjustable queen bed could prevent snoring.
  • I like my head and feet at different heights. Can the adjustable bed base do that? The adjustable bed frame can position head and foot areas at different heights, yes.


What They’re Saying

  • I am the user, 65, with Multiple Sclerosis. The bed is easy to use and works perfectly. The price and installation were exactly what I needed. The perfect tool for disabled folks.

    Lela C. from Tigard, OR

  • A great buy. Bought for my 83-year-old mother and she is very pleased with this bed. It is easy for her to get into and is very comfortable for her. It is easy to move around because of the wheels and easy for my mom to work the controls.

    Gail P. from Phelan, CA

  • I am 65-year-old caregiver. I needed a good night’s rest, and the adjustable bed has done that for me. I would never go back to a regular bed. The Flexabed Value Flex is a good deal for the money. I love the head and leg adjustments for reading and watching TV.

    Gary D. from Brooklyn Park, MN

  • I love this bed. It seems to be everything I need.

    Christine E., NC

  • My doctor told me to look into the Flexabed Premier Adjustable Bed to get a good night’s sleep. Easy to use.

    Elaine D., Dysart, IA

  • This bed is so comfortable and easy to use. My husband is able to sit up when he needs to without disturbing me.

    Lee Anne C., Casper, WY

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