Underbed Lighting

Enhance your nighttime experience with Flexabed’s motion-sensor underbed lighting. Designed with your safety and comfort in mind, this optional accessory is the perfect addition to our Hi-Low SL and Premier bed models.

Motion-Sensor Technology

Say goodbye to stumbling in the dark. Our underbed lighting features advanced motion-sensor technology that automatically activates when movement is detected. This ensures that your path is illuminated without the need for switches or buttons, allowing you to immediately see clearly when getting out of bed at night.

Customizable Color Options

Tailor the ambiance of your bedroom to your preferences with our customizable underbed light color options. Choose from red, blue, green or white lights to create the perfect atmosphere for your nighttime routine.


Convenient Installation

Installed directly at the factory, our underbed lighting integrates seamlessly with your Flexabed. There’s no need for additional setup or complicated installations – simply enjoy the added convenience and safety from the moment your bed arrives.

Automatic Shut-Off

With a built-in timer, our underbed lighting automatically shuts off after a 2-minute period, conserving energy and ensuring uninterrupted rest. This feature ensures that you have just the right amount of light when you need it, without any unnecessary power consumption.

Peace of Mind

Whether you’re making frequent trips to the bathroom or simply need a little extra light during the night, our underbed lighting provides peace of mind, knowing that your path is safely illuminated.

Order Your Flexabed with Motion-Sensor Underbed Lights

Ready to experience the benefits of Flexabed’s motion-sensored underbed lighting? Simply add it to your order when purchasing a Hi-Low or Premier bed model. You can buy a Flexabed with underbed lighting from one of our dealers near you, or visit our website to learn more and place your order today!

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