How an Adjustable Bed Might Help With Snoring

How an Adjustable Bed Might Help With Snoring Can Changing Your Sleep Set Up Help Snoring? Maybe!

It stands to reason that finding comfortable sleeping positions can lead to more restful sleep, but adjusting the position in which you sleep may also help with other things such as snoring. Sleep Disorders Guide reports that approximately 30% of people age 30 or older habitually snore. Furthermore, approximately 9% of all men and 4% of all women between the ages of 30 and 60 are affected by sleep apnea, a potentially-serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly starts and stops.

Poor Breathing = Poor Sleep

The fact of the matter is that inhibited breathing during sleep can lead to sleep that isn’t the most restful. Some habitual snorers, for example, report that they feel sleepy during the day, even after nights during which they thought they got enough hours of sleep. So what can be done about it? If you struggle with snoring and getting restful sleep, it’s a good idea to discuss those issues with your primary care provider, but adjusting the way you sleep may offer some relief as well.

That’s where Flexabed products come in. Sometimes elevating the head, may help alleviate some of the nightly snoring that keeps you (and maybe your partner) from achieving your deepest, most restful sleep. With an adjustable bed from Flexabed, you may find that a snoring solution for you is as simple as adjusting the position in which you’re sleeping.

Pillow Arrangement

Sometimes better sleep, and less snoring, may be achieved by assessing your pillow situation. How old are the pillows on your bed? Have you considered investing in higher quality pillows? Great pillows can help keep your neck and head in proper alignment while you sleep. Not only can this help reduce soreness and issues that arise from spinal misalignment, but also it may even help reduce the frequency of snoring. Consider workshopping your pillow arrangement as well. Sometimes the little things can have a profound impact.

Mattress Check

Achieving great sleep requires you to invest in a great mattress that works for you and not against you. Some snorers find that side sleeping may help reduce the intensity and frequency of their snoring, but side sleeping can come with its own set of challenges. It’s important that your neck, shoulders, back, and hips are properly aligned during sleep, and that your body is being supported with proper weight distribution for pressure point relief.

Flexabed offers a variety of mattress options to help meet the needs of all types of sleepers– from memory foam to innerspring/memory foam combos to gel memory foam, there are solutions to help sleepers achieve the best possible comfort and rest.

If snoring is an issue for you or your partner, consider upgrading your bedding situation. Whether you snore or not, a luxury adjustable bed from Flexabed makes a great addition for any bedroom.

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