Side Rails and Side Rail Covers

Side rails provide safety of mind to those in the adjustable bed as well as those who care about them. No one should worry about nighttime falls, or being unable to adjust until the morning. Bed rails provide more independence to users, and the rail covers provide extra comfort and visual appeal!

Side Rails for Your Flexabed

A side rail for a bed, also called a bed assist rail, safety rail, mobility bed rail, or support rail, goes along the side of the bed to prevent a sleeper from rolling out of bed. The rail can also be used for repositioning in bed. 

Falling out of bed when sleeping can cause potentially major injuries. Avoiding a fall has a huge impact on maintaining a certain quality of life for the sleeper.

An important note: these are NOT designed to support you while getting in and out of bed, but to provide added security while you sleep.

Flexabed side rails can be folded away whenever needed for convenience. Each bed can accommodate up to two rails on each side, equalling four rails total. The Premier must be ordered with a 4-inch foundation profile to be used with rails.

Flexabed Side Rail CoversSide Rail Covers Are Available

Our Flexabed side rail covers complete the finished look of your bed while cushioning the rails. 

They feature a large pocket for conveniently storing your bed controller, eyeglasses, magazines, and more. A covered rail can help provide safety from falling out of bed and gives leverage to change positions in bed. This padding can also help decrease the risk of entrapment.

Side rail covers are designed to perfectly fit Flexabed bed rails. These rail protectors are also soft and complement the design of our safety rails. Side rails are an excellent way to prevent falls, but for some the hard metal and plastic surfaces might be dangerous when mixed with agitation, restlessness, and confusion. Especially for those with fragile skin, covers should be added on to prevent injury.

Flexabed Side Rails ExtendedOrder Side Rail and Side Rail Covers

Adjustable bed rails can help sleepers sleep with the knowledge that they will not fall out of bed and will be able to change positions whenever they want or need to.

Falls can result in significant injuries which can’t be remedied in a home environment. With rails from Flexabed, you can reduce the risk of bed falls and stay home, safe. Order them from one of our Flexabed dealers which may be located in a local store near you, or online!

Frequently Asked Questions About Side Rail and Side Rail Covers

Can rails be installed at the foot and head of the adjustable bed? Flexabed side rails are only able to be installed on the side of the bed.

Can the side rail be raised and lowered by the sleeper? No, only an individual outside the bed can change the rail’s settings.

Are these rails and rail covers made in the United States? Yes, Flexabed products are crafted in LaFayette, Georgia.

Are bed rail guards dangerous for the elderly? If the bed is for a sleeper who struggles with confusion, restlessness, or lack of muscle control then we recommend covers for added protection.

Are rails for both sides of the bed required? No, rails can be single-side or double-side, depending on your needs.

Can Flexabed side rails be attached to beds in an assisted living or nursing facility? Please check with the facility directly to see if this is allowed before purchasing any rails.

Are these products certified by any safety programs? Flexabed is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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