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Spring cleaning? 🧽 Throw out your old mattress and elevate your sleep with #Flexabed! With SIX mattresses and over FIVE sizes to choose from, you can customize your new mattress to your perfect specifications.

😴 #MoreThanABed

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Fully customizable, made in the #USA, limited lifetime warranty, and dozens of cutting edge features are just some of the reasons to love a #Flexabed.

💙 Find yours today! 👉  flexabed.com #MoreThanABed

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Did you know that #Flexabed‘s Innerspring mattress features a high-density comfort-layer and is inner bonded to insure durability, superb tailoring, and maximum support? 💤

Don’t take our word for it, order your Flexabed today to experience the comfort for yourself!

💭 #InnerSpring


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Home health and chiropractic service providers may be able to order from Flexabed or call us directly at 1-800-648-1256.

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