Choose a Luxury Alternative to a Hospital Bed for Home

Choose a Luxury Alternative to a Hospital Bed for Home

The Flexabed Hi-Low Adjustable Bed

You wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at it, but the Hi-Low is a luxury alternative to a hospital bed for use at home. Therein lies some of its charm. luxury alternative to a hospital bed

Perhaps you or a loved one face mobility issues that make a regular, ordinary bed too challenging to use. Seniors or those undergoing physical therapy from an illness or injury can struggle just to get in and out of bed, even with an assist from a caregiver. 

Still, you may not need a long-term one-size-fits-all hospital bed like the ones used in institutional environments, which can stick out like a sore thumb in the home because the style is secondary to functionality. That may be more than you need, plus most of us have experienced from hospital stays how much we can’t wait to go home and sleep in a real bed.

Flexabed combines the best of both worlds with a stylish alternative to a hospital bed for use at home. 

Caregivers Love Our Mobility Beds

Raise or lower the Hi-Low’s base with the touch of a button, dropping to as little as 19-inches above the floor (with locking casters removed and the low-profile mattress). The standard model raises from 26-inches to 33-inches.

Optional side rails offer extra protection while lying on the bed. They include a pocket large enough to store the bed controller, eyeglasses, magazines, and more. When not in use, the side rails fold away, making the Hi-Low more closely resemble any other household bed.

We designed the Hi-Low specifically with home healthcare and assisted living environments in mind. A physician should be consulted to determine the appropriateness of an adjustable bed as a substitute for a hospital bed because every person’s health circumstances may be unique. For many people, the Flexabed can alleviate pressure points common on flat surfaces and allow users to find the alignment desired for a comfortable position to achieve restful sleep. The side rails are not designed to support a user while getting in and out of bed.

King Size Adjustable Bed Allows Spouses to Continue Sleeping Together

Unlike a hospital bed, the Hi-Low allows spouses to continue sharing space next to one another with the dual king option that places two twin mattresses side-by-side, connected by a bracket, with independent adjustment of the head and foot possible using whisper-quiet motors.

One person can lower their side flat for sleeping while their partner can read or watch TV from an elevated position. The whisper quiet motor makes this possible. 

Customize Your Adjustable Bed 

Flexabed’s Hi-Low can also be customized in ways that general hospital beds cannot, plus users can choose from a variety of comfortable mattresses to suit their preferences. The Hi-Low comes in 74-, 80-, and 84-inch lengths. Those extra 10 inches can make a big difference if you’re tall or your bedroom is compact.

Flexabed’s five-year limited warranty and no hassle service complete the package: indeed a luxury alternative to a hospital bed for use at home. The warranty covers every component of the bed without exception – including the mattress. If you sell or give the bed to someone else, the warranty can transfer to the new owner.

If you ever need service, help is just a phone call away.

To get your Hi-Low Adjustable Bed, visit and enter your zip code. A radius search will show every dealer up to within 500 miles from your location. You can also call us directly at 1-800-648-1256 and start on your way to a better night’s sleep.

Writing and Photography by Steven Stiefel

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